Outdoor Environments

Our carefully designed outdoor spaces are an extension of the indoor environments. We have 4 dedicated playgrounds with developmentally appropriate equipment that fosters the children’s development, with open-ended activities set up to encourage imaginative play.

The 4 environments include:

  • Infants: The infant’s outdoor environment is attached to the Fox Nursery and is set up with lots of soft and low features to enable the babies to be able to explore the environment in their own time.
  • Junior Toddler: The junior toddler outdoor area is attached to the Leopard Room. This area will allow the children to explore a smaller area that will have quiet activities set up.
  • Toddler: The toddler outdoor environment is located at the door of the Leopard and Seal Rooms. This environment is fully covered, allowing the children in both of these room to be able to play indoors and outdoors at all times throughout the day. This environment will have slightly higher equipment, allowing the children to explore their boundaries while still being safe while doing so.

Preschool: The preschool outdoor environment is located outside the Leopard, Seal and Lion Rooms. This space has equipment that will challenge the needs of the children, as well as giving them areas to play in small groups and build on their gross motor skills,, cognitive skills and hand-eye co-ordination.